How to Make a Spiritual Communion

The Eucharist is a gift Jesus gave us to nourish us and join us to him. It is His body and blood, His very soul and divinity. We should not take Communion if we are not properly disposed to receive it. Instead, we should make a Spiritual Communion, in which we ask the Lord to come into our heart as if we had actually partaken in His sacred meal. The folks at New Advent posted a wonderful guide by Fr. John Hilton in Westminster, CO that describes when you would need to make a Spiritual Communion and how to do so.

If you are not Catholic (yet!), have been away from the Church for a long time and have not been to Confession, or are in a state of serious sin, this could be a big help for you to further your relationship with Christ, while you are trying to overcome your sin. Common serious sins that keep many people from the Eucharist include such actions as: using contraception, marrying outside the church, other sexual sins, such as adultery. Of course, any serious sin (mortal sin) separates us from God and being able to receive Christ into our body.

If you are able to go to Confession and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, that is the first place you should go. If you are not able to go to Confession then make an appointment with a priest you can be comfortable with anyway. He can help you. In the meantime, a Spiritual Communion is an excellent way to begin. If you are serious about changing your life, Christ is serious about helping you.

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  1. Father – 1. Is the effect of Commuinion and Spritual Communion the same? 2. If I was lazy to go to mass on a weekday and then I felt sorry and I make a Spiritual Commuinion – is it the same as receiving Commuinion from a priest?

  2. First, I'm not a priest, I'm a lay-woman. Some info in my post was from Fr. John Hilton.

    Personally, I don't think that Spiritual Communion and partaking in the Eucharist at Mass is the same thing. You can take vitamins, they are good for you, but it is not like eating real food. Spiritual Communion is wonderful and helps sustain our fervor for God and brings us many blessings if we are in a state of grace, but it is not like receiving Communion.

    How many blessings you receive also depends on your seriousness in getting closer to God. If you are "lazy" as you say (and heaven knows I'm real familiar with lazy) and just don't try to further your walk with God, then don't expect to be given as many blessings as someone who spends much time with the Lord and tries to live according to His will.

    Set time aside for prayer, educate yourself on the faith (as you are doing), read your Bible and find a good priest to talk to. If you make a serious effort, God will richly bless you. And make time for Mass and the Eucharist. Eucharistic Adoration will be helpful too.

    God Bless!

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