Update Your (Family) Calendars

This has been “Calendar day” here at my house today. A few days ago I bought Mom’s Family Calendar, which is a cute yearly wall calendar to keep track of each person in the family. It is very helpful when everyone has a different schedule. I happened to buy it at Sam’s Club, but it is available everywhere. I did find this website, Families With Purpose while looking it up online. It seems to have a great deal of organizational helps for families.

I’ve had this calendar before and liked it. I think I wanted a change though, and chose a calendar with Monet a few years ago, but now need more organization. So today is the day that I transfer all existing appointments, birthdays, school schedules, work schedules, etc. onto the new year’s calendar. This seems to take forever but will save me time all year.

The calendar has 17 months that began in August, so I can use it now. The only drawback would be for families with more than three children. There are only columns for 5 people, so you might have to combine children for a column. I wish it was not so “cutesy” (I would prefer flowers or Impressionism) but I will live with it.

As I was trying to get everything on the calendar, I realized I needed a liturgical calendar and thought I would share with you what I found. The US Bishops Website (USCCB) has the 2010 Liturgical Calendar, which actually begins the first Sunday of Advent in 2009, November 29th. I happen to prefer the Women For Faith & Family 2010 Liturgical Calendar, which has everything in a more easy to use format and with links for more information about the saints, fasting and abstinence, holy days, etc.

You might however prefer a daily planner, and a few of my friends really like the Catholic Woman’s Daily Planner. They have some planners with sections for meal planning, homeschool planning or a combination of both. They are very nice. You can also find some other resources by the same people at the Family Centered Life blog.

In my travels today, I also discovered a great website called ChurchYear.net which has not only church calendars but also explanations of liturgical events, prayers that can be used during certain parts of the year, and many resources you will find helpful throughout the year.

You might also like a great book The Catholic Parent Book of Feasts which takes you through the liturgical year with recipes, crafts and other helps to help celebrate the year with your family. I find it to be very informative and helpful.

I now need to update Outlook, sync my phone and iPod to it, and sync my husband’s phone to his Outlook. It’s a calendar type day. If you have any other resources you find helpful, I would love to hear about them.

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