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Seven Quick Takes is a wonderful idea from Jennifer at Conversion Diary and I’ve always been too busy or too slow-witted to come up with 7 little things to share every Friday. This week however, I’ve come upon a bunch of new stuff and I thought finally I would be able to throw my hat in the ring.

1.  I was looking through some old issues of Cook’s Illustrated magazine I have saved and came upon a recipe for Oven Fried Bacon.  Now, you have to understand I have a love/hate relationship with bacon.  My husband is a bacon snob.  It has to be cooked a certain way, etc.   I love bacon, but am not picky and also don’t have the patience to baby the bacon while it is cooking, so I frequently either burn or otherwise mess it up.  So when I found this recipe I thought I would give it a try.  Get a jelly roll pan (aka:  cookie sheet with sides) line it with foil for easy cleanup, lay out bacon, cook at 400 degrees in the oven for 5-6 minutes, turn the pan around and cook another 5-6 minutes for regular bacon or about 8 minutes for thick sliced.  That’s it.  Serve.  When it is cool, throw foil with grease away.  Husband approved.  Wife happy and can concentrate on the pancakes.

2. I don’t care what the Apple/tech snobs say, I want an iPad.  I don’t have an iPhone because I don’t want to pay for a data plan every month.  I don’t have an iPod Touch, even though I lusted after one, because of all the cool apps.  I was not sure that reading books, etc. on one would be that great of an experience because of the size, and I investigated the Kindle but never was that enthused about non-paper books.  BUT when I heard Apple was going to be releasing a tablet I became really interested.  The snobs say “This is just a glorified Touch why would you want one?” or “It won’t replace a netbook or laptop.” or “It doesn’t have a camera or other features we think it should have.”  Well, by the time I save the money up to get one, it will probably be on it’s 2nd or even 3rd Generation by then and have all the cool features.  I’m looking forward to surfing the internet from the comfort of my recliner.
3. So what will I put on my iPad that I will someday, hopefully own?  First it will be the iBreviary.  I can’t wait!  Then I’ll get the Bible, probably Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition.  Hopefully, they will have highlighting and the ability to make notes.  Also, some books, of course.  After that, we’ll see.

4.  This week I also discovered a free language website at the BBC.  Now I can continue on my seemingly never ending quest to pick up Spanish.

5.  I am so saddened over the latest news from Haiti:  that the death toll is 230,000.  Which is the same amount as died in the terrible Tsunami a few years ago that swept over 6 countries.  And they are still counting the dead in Haiti.  Most of the churches are destroyed, most of the priests, seminarians and other clergy are dead.  I have not been able to find a good article with exact info but it is bad. I urge you to donate to Aid to the Church in Need:  Haiti

Update:  Haitian Churches Rising Out of the Ruins – Miami Herald

6. This is just fascinating.  Eric Sammons at The Divine Life has a fantastic (and short) genealogy of the Catholic Church:  Understand the Churches & Rites of the Catholic Church.  Who Knew?  Apparently not I.

7.  OK, just like you, probably, I love chocolate.  I have come to love the dark kind (but not too dark.)  A few years ago I discovered just the best chocolate.  I was using it for a truffle recipe and fell in love with Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate.  Now, I know it says “bittersweet” but it just does not seem bitter, and of course, it is not too sweet.  It is less than $3 in the supermarket baking aisle.  I have been a big fan of Dove Dark Chocolate, Lindt Dark Chocolate truffles, and Perugina Dark Chocolate for a long time, but this is my general snacking chocolate.  I take about a dozen chips and it really satisfies my chocolate craving. 

I hope you have a great weekend.  Be sure to go on over and visit Jen at Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes.

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