10 Catholic Podcasts Not to Miss

If you want to both learn about the faith, and be entertained, then podcasts are a great way to do it. You can use your iPod or another mp3 player, or just listen on your computer. Here are 10 great Catholic Podcasts for your perusal.

  1. Catholic Underground has two great priests from Baton Rouge, LA and adds two former seminarian friends who discuss the Catholic faith, current goings on in the Church, and technology talk for a great show.  It’s hard to pick, but this may be my favorite.
  2. Catholic Under the Hood with Fr. Seraphim Beshoner, TOR.  Fr. Seraphim is a friar of the Third Order of St. Francis. He is also an assistant professor of history for the Franciscan University of Steubenville on their campus in Gaming, Austria.  He talks about Catholic History and Theology.  Absolutely excellent.  I have learned so much.  If you love history, this guy is for you.
  3. Into the Deep  is a wonderful podcast from three Catholic laymen.  They have great discussions on how to have a personal relationship with Christ.  I suggest you start from their first podcast and work your through them.  I get more impressed every time I listen.  This would be excellent to listen to during Lent.
  4. EWTN Podcasts  Listen to your favorite EWTN shows on your iPod whenever it is convenient for you.  You can always go to their Audio Library for all their shows.  I find that EWTN Live & Open Line are fantastic shows where people ask such great questions.  Questions you & I would ask too. 
  5. The Catholics Next Door with Greg & Jennifer Willits.  Greg and Jennifer of Rosary Army fame have a three hour Catholic radio show every weekday morning on Sirius/XM satellite radio.  If you don’t subscribe to satellite radio, then you can have the next best thing by listening to their podcast with excerpts from their show.  I’m so happy to see them on such a big stage because they are great.
  6.  Francis Cardinal Arinze is a Nigerian Cardinal who was last Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. I love Cardinal Arinze because when you listen to him you know you are getting straight-up Catholicism, not watered down drivel. I love him because he makes perfect sense and has a deep compassion for others, but not a compassion that weakens what Christ taught. The Apostolate for Family Consecration has produced the Cardinal Arinze Webcast  which has both audio and video podcasts.  Some are question and answer programs, others discuss church documents.  All are enlightening and worth your time.
  7. Catholic Moments with Lisa Hendey  is an great interview show with Catholics doing extraordinary things to live out their Catholic faith and share it with others.  Lisa Hendey is an author and founder of CatholicMom.com. This podcast is a joy to listen to.
  8. Rosary Cast at Rosary Army.com, an apostolate of Greg & Jennifer Willets.  This is a very simple podcast of the Rosary, but I find it invaluable.  I like to listen to it in the car.  Simple scriptural readings really help in meditation on the mysteries of the Rosary.  This is one you will keep on your iPod permanently.  They also have the Stations of the Cross and other helpful prayers.
  9. In Between Sundays is a podcast for young adults to learn how to live their Catholic faith and deepen it.  Don’t let the “young adult” label fool you.  This is a great podcast for everyone.
  10. Catholic in a Small Town is such a nice podcast of a Catholic couple raising kids in a small town.  Listen to their joys and challenges of parenthood from a Catholic perspective.  They have a side podcast, Catholic Book Club that I really like as well.

This is just the top 10.  I’ll have another post soon with more Catholic podcasts worthy of your time.  Remember too, you don’t need to have an iPod to listen to podcasts, you can listen on any mp3 player, or on your computer.  So turn off the radio and the TV, and discover the joy of podcasts.  

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