Where Did You Get Your Artistic Ability?

Have you ever wondered where our artistic ability comes from?  Where anyone’s ability comes from?  Where does creating art come from?  I was contemplating this lately – about the beautiful soaring of the soul that is art.  Expressing ourselves from the depths of our being.  Seeing the world in unique ways.  Transforming our life, and loves, and beauty, and passions into beautiful swathes of color, and form, and sound.  How could we not have this ability when our Father can do this?

and this…

and this…

They are like the most beautiful paintings hanging in the most auspicious art gallery.  Only they are living and evolving.  How wonderful our God is to have created untold numbers of awe inspiring pieces of art just waiting to be discovered.  Created by His all powerful, infinite hand.  A true artist at work.

God’s artwork courtesy of:  NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive

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