Christmas Gift Idea #2

Christmas gift idea #2 is Magnificat magazine.  I can’t tell you how fantastic the Magnificat is.  It is a beautiful companion on your faith journey, with morning and evening prayer, meditations, daily Mass readings, general prayers and a lot more.  It’s convenient size fits right into your pocket or purse and is printed on lovely paper that feels wonderful in your hand.
I’m linking you to the Aquinas and More Catholic store for the Magnificat because they have significant discounts on what is a fairly pricey yearly subscription.  The Magnificat also comes in Spanish and they have individual companion volumes for purchase on the Rosary and Lent.

What is really neat is the MagnifiKid! Magazine for the 6-12 set.  This is fantastic.  We really liked the explanations of the Sunday readings, jokes and games plus helps in learning to pray.
I highly recommend the Magnificat magazine and it would make a fantastic gift for someone who is trying to further their spiritual life.

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