Christmas Gift Idea #12

For my last Christmas gift idea (that is unless I think of something else really cool) I think you should take a look at something from the monks.  In this case the wildly popular Mystic Monk Coffee.  Now, I have to admit it.  I really don’t drink coffee – but I think these Carmelite monks are great and they are building a phenomenal gothic monastery in Wyoming, where the proceeds from this coffee go to.
Not to be outdone are also the monks of Our Lady of Spring Bank Cistercian Abbey and their LaserMonks website.  I have been a customer of theirs and they are fantastic.  You can get ink and toner at a significant discount and help support the monks.  Any money left over goes to charity.  Now, ink and toner are not really “gifty” ideas but they also have other things to buy (like dog biscuits and chocolates) that could make the list.
So support the monks and make someone really happy this Christmas.  Oh, and Happy Advent!

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