Faith & Reason

In a podcast I was listening to today, Fr. Ryan Humphries, was discussing faith and reason.  One of the things I found interesting that I thought I would share with you was a simple concept.  You need both faith and reason to have a relationship with God.  Some argue that you only need faith, but ours is an informed faith, it is not “blind,” but is an educated faith – or at least it should be.  One cannot, of course, just reason their way to God.  An analogy I thought of (which is not new I’m sure – but that I thought was clever) was that reason gets you up to the boat, but it is the leap of faith that actually gets you into the boat.  So if you want to further your love for God, you need to educate yourself.  Read the Bible. Read the Catechism.  Go to some great websites, listen to some great podcasts, and most of all pray for the strength, wisdom and light to proceed.

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