Beauty In Our Midst

Ugliness bombards us from every direction, and sometimes we need to stop and look at the true beauty that exists around us – especially the beauty God provides us. Catholicism is steeped in beauty because beauty uplifts us, enlightens us and transforms our spirit. The beauty God surrounds us with is limitless, and I thought it would be great to share with you a couple of things I have found recently that have brought beauty into my life.

The first is National Geographic photography. Occasionally, I like to change our computer desktop picture and this is a great resource for beautiful photography. Last month, I used a photo of Mount Etna in Italy erupting at night. Yesterday, I changed it to an aerial view of Fiji and on our second computer I put up a beautiful view of a canyon in Arizona. There are so many beautiful pictures I could not describe them all to you. Go there and download them. They add new ones constantly.

This is very easy. Go to National Geographic online and click on “Photography.” Choose the “Wallpaper” tab and look at the different galleries of photos. Once you have chosen a photo, look at the bottom of the picture on the left and click on the “wallpaper” icon then choose the size you would like to download. Once the picture is open then “right-click” your mouse and choose “Set as Desktop Background” and you are done.

The second resource is the Earth Channel and is only available to you if you subscribe to DISH Network. DISH Network added a camera to its EchoStar 11 Satellite that was launched in 2008. Six years in the planning, it is the first camera on a commercial satellite and has a constant view of North and South America that does not change since the satellite stays in geo-synchronous orbit 22,300 miles above Earth. The Earth Channel is on channel 212. You can read more about it at Space Daily.

This continuous view of the Earth with light background music, is lovely and you might be able to see Venus occasionally as well as some unidentified flying objects. I’m looking forward to seeing weather patterns change and also the lights at night.

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