7 Quick Takes – Vol. 2

1. You know how you’ll be sitting and reading the newspaper, or a book, and the cat has to come and lay down right on top of your newspaper?

This is the modern version.  He will either come and sit behind the keyboard, blocking the whole monitor, or he will stand like this, or just use this as a pathway to the lap, making sure he brushes his tail right on my face.  He’s learned a few tricks during his 18 years.

2.  This is really creepy: Cremation Jewelry – pendants, rosaries, etc.  You fill it yourself with the ashes of your dead loved ones.

Someone you just met: “Nice to meet you… Hey, interesting necklace”
You: “Yeah, I got my dead husband in here”

3. EWTN now has a YouTube Channel that they unveiled this week. This will be a great resource to watch clips from the EWTN Catholic Network.

4.  This is what sick looks like in our house. 

Homemade Matzo Ball Soup.  Well… the Matzo Balls came from a Matzo Ball mix, but other than that it is all homemade.  My 6 year old came home from school a couple of days ago with a fever and sore throat.  After a night with a high fever (almost 105 for a short time) he spent the day vomiting.  He still has a fever but is up and around, eating and drinking.  My poor hubby has the same thing, but can’t stay home and rest. At least he is not vomiting. He is a freelancer, and when work comes you have to take it.  So he worked until 10:30pm last night, and then had to be at another short job at 4:30am.  Yuck.

5. This video is amazing.  You will never believe what you thought you saw again.  Thanks Patrick Madrid.
Stargate Studios Virtual Backlot Reel 2009

6.  I discovered this blog recently:  Abigail’s Alcove.  I really enjoy it.  Her writing is very profound.

7.  I know very little about music, especially sacred music, but even a music idiot like me knows this Chant video, Old Roman Chant is fantastic.  I find it so beautiful and listening to it really helps me focus for prayer and helps block out distractions for other things I’m doing.  I urge you to listen just once. Be sure to check out the Callixtinus Channel on YouTube for more wonderful chant.

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