Is Your Decision God’s Will?

How do you go about making decisions or trying to decide what God’s will is for you.  If you are a young person and are deciding which college to go to, are you going against God’s will by choosing one over the other?  If you are deciding between cities to move your family, if you choose Chicago over Kansas City, is one of those not God’s will? 

I find this topic, as probably most people do, to be fascinating.  So when I discovered Peter Kreeft’s latest article Discernment – (How can I learn God’s Will for me?)  I was hot to trot to read it and I’m glad I did, because it really clarified for me some questions I had and it is probably the best article I have read about this subject.  

God gives us free will, not to watch us screw up but to really give us choices.  Neither Chicago or Kansas City – or Harvard v. Yale are sinful or bad choices.  They are just choices.  If we have prayed to know his will and know what the church teaches about a certain topic and our consciences are clear, we should pick the one we want with no fear.  Yes, Yale might be good, but if you are leaning to Harvard because you like the town better, the girls are prettier or you have friends there, that is just fine.  Go with what you want.  It’s common sense, really.  God gave it to us – let’s use it.

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