Garbage Follies

So I have a 15 year old who is, shall we say…garbage challenged.

It’s simple really – the “garbage man” (not garbage-person, sorry ladies) comes on Wednesday and Saturday. The “recycle man” comes on Saturday too. So I ask my oldest, #1 son, fruit of mine loins, to please bring in the garbage can because today is Wednesday, and the empty can has been sitting out there all day, waiting patiently for him to bring it in. “And while you are going that way,” I ask, “could you please take the recycles from under the sink and put them in the recycle bin?” Pretty standard request really. Recycles live in a bucket under the sink. Simple. Number One Son comes back in the house and goes back to doing teenage boy things. All is well with the world.

So my husband and I go out front for a moment and low and behold…could our eyes deceive us?…maybe I’m not seeing right since I don’t have my glasses on? I squint. I walk over. Yep, here it is a Wednesday night and this is what I see:

It is the Saturday recycle bin sitting at the curb…he did bring in the garbage can, and in the recycle bin, amongst the plastic milk bottles, soup cans, and aluminum soda cans that were supposed to be separated from the rest, sits the bucket from under the sink. In the bin…at the curb…on Wednesday.

Can’t you just see the neighbors panic as they get up and leave the house for work and think…”Oh no! It’s recycle day! Crap! I forgot to put it out again!” And either be annoyed, OR turn around and put their recycles out! It could affect the whole neighborhood. Alternately, the neighbors think it is Saturday and turn around and go back to bed, missing a whole day of work. The thought is hysterical and all I can do is laugh.

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