Christmas Gift Idea #1

Do you need some Christmas gift ideas?  I thought I would feature some gifts from Catholic companies that I liked that I thought you might too, so today’s post will be about a website I discovered recently, Agnus Giftshop.  They have the coolest T-shirts.  My favorite is the one that says “What Part of This is My Body Don’t You Understand?”  They have tons of traditional, modern and tasteful designs. Some are really beautiful.  Like this shirt…

There is something for everyone Catholic, even maternity wear. 

They have buttons and magnets of all kinds:


iPhone cases,

and cool decals for the car,

They have beer steins, calendars, journals…lets just say lots of nice stuff.  Check them out.  You can use their stuff for fundraisers too!
Disclaimer:  Agnus Giftshop has no idea of who I am, I get nada for recommending them.  I just thought they were cool.  Go forth and shop!

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