Christmas Gift Idea #6

So you looked at my last Christmas gift idea, making a rosary (or jewelry) from parts from Gardens of Grace, but you perhaps are not crafty, or want a more inexpensive gift that you can make that would foster the faith.  Making your own knotted rosary would fit the bill. 

I first discovered this when a bible study friend gave our group these knotted rosaries.  We loved them.  I use mine every day.  It is soft and silent.  I can tuck it into my pocket or purse without fear of breakage.  A few years ago, I – who am the least crafty person in my state – decided I would like to make a few for friends and family for Christmas.  And I did it!  It was easy.  I just followed the directions at the Rosary Army website.  Even a kid could do it.  I only needed to buy the cord and some crucifixes to affix to the end.  Once you get the hang of it, which is pretty much when you do the first one, it should take about an hour each rosary.  You can make them while watching TV or commuting on the train or bus.

This is actually a pretty popular idea in some Catholic circles.  You can even buy them. For example, here is a Facebook page for Handmade Cord Knotted Rosary which sells rosaries like the one above.

So where do you get the supplies for this?  First check out the list of suppliers at Rosary Army or look online where you will find places like the RosaryCord website.  You can also find crucifixes at perhaps your local Catholic supply store.  A quick search on the internet for Rosary supplies yielded Rosary Workshop and Rosary Shop.  So look around.  You can make the cord rosaries to the last part and put crucifixes on the lot of them at the end.

You may even want to enclose with the rosary a sheet on How to Pray the Rosary.  This one is English but there is also a Spanish version.

This is a beautiful gift and everyone I have given it to has been very happy to receive it.  I have even been asked to make more.  So try it.  Even if it is not for Christmas, these would make good year round gifts for any occasion.

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