Christmas Gift Idea #7

Every year I try to buy one or two really nice Christmas ornaments.  I prefer porcelain, crystal or silver and not glass because they really don’t last well.  My mother collected lots of those really large Polish glass painted ornaments.  They were beautiful in their day, but they all broke or lost all their paint, and we wound up having to throw them away.  Heartbreaking.

After years of collecting we have a fairly nice collection that we can pass onto our sons and their families some day.  The last few years I have bought some White House Christmas Ornaments and while they are nice and are affordable, I really would like more ornaments that have religious significance.

So, here is my next gift idea. It is from Monastery Greetings and include 3 different beautiful jeweled and cloisonne Orthodox icon Madonna ornaments.  I would love to really have the set, but I will probably just buy one.  I love icons and these are just lovely.

And while you are there, be sure to check out the selection of international beers from monasteries.  There are probably a few people you know who would like to receive that as a gift, and you can support the hard working monks as well.

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