Live Advent Fully

Advent begins today, the wonderful time we spend preparing spiritually for Christmas.  Let me give you some resources to help you celebrate Advent this year.

Advent would not be complete without EWTN’s Advent Meditation page.  They not only provide meditations and an action for each day, but give you a little run-down of each popular Advent activity.  This year EWTN and Our Sunday Visitor Publishing are also providing a free download of Bishop Robert Baker’s eBook Reasons for Hope – Meditations for the Advent Season.

The US Conference of Catholic Bishop’s has an Advent & Christmas Website again this year and they also are providing a free download of their book Advent & Christmas With Pope Benedict XVI.  I like this book because it is simple, just using the day’s readings and quotes from the Pope for meditation.

The Catholic Culture Advent Workshop is a real practical site with help in how to celebrate Advent in the home, the history of Advent, and a great calendar that shows the saints of the day with a biography, recipes for the season and lots more.

Finally, Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio has a page for Advent and Christmas dedicated to downloads of articles for each day, from himself, or saints, or early Church Fathers, such as this gem from St. Gregory of  Nazienzen for the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.

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