CMN Here I Come!

Well…I wanted to post last night, but trying to get ready for my flight AND make sure that the family was all ready for my trip took more effort than I anticipated. Mom leaves and everyone is in a dither. But all is set up and I left on the jet plane and now I’m in Dallas!!!!

Dallas is where the Catholic Marketing Network Convention is, as well as the Catholic Writers Conference and SQPN’s Catholic New Media Convention are, all at once and all in one place, the Arlington Convention Center. I hope to rub shoulders with some of my favorite people like Lisa Hendey, Fr. Jay Finelli (the iPadre) and one of my favorite Catholic bloggers, Jennifer Fulweiler of Conversion Diary. My other favorite blogger Simcha Fisher won’t be here, but I am wowed just the same.

Right now I’m in DFW airport waiting for my friend Gail to arrive and we will go on to our hotel. I had some fantastic Huevos Rancheros, took the cool Skylink train to Gail’s terminal, and NOW I’m using the free public terminals because apparently ATT WiFi for my iPad does not get here until next week. So forgive me for my lack of links and pictures. I haven’t figured out how to do that quickly on the public terminal.

Everyone here in Dallas has been incredibly nice and helpful and the one thing I have noticed is that, at least in the airport, bathrooms are called toilets. As in Women’s Toilet, Men’s Toilet etc. I’ll report if I find any other cultural differences.

Well, I don’t want to be a computer hog and I’ve already been “rebooted” once. I’ll check in hopefully later! Adios!