Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

This is a great video! My parish needs one of these! Look how many guys it takes to do this. Thanks Patrick Madrid for passing it on.

Update: My pastor, Fr. Alejandro Roque, OMI has been to this Cathedral and has seen this. He says it is phenomenal. The coals inside it glow bright red and as it swings it looks like a comet going at great speed. I really would love to see it now.

Time to Laugh

OK, so you are depressed about the economy, the UN, the world going to hell in a handbasket, and you need a good laugh. Here you go.

First, here is a great practical joke. I’m glad it is not me, but it is amusing. Funny Protest Prank.

Next, I have never seen a cat do this. It is courtesy of the lovely Fr. Z, One Goofy Cat.

Finally, It is not a video but a hilarious piece from Conversion Diary. Warning…it is naughty, which is why it is funny. The comments are enough to send you over the edge.